Book Awards & School Support Committee

For more than twenty years the BOOK AWARDS & SCHOOL SUPPORT  COMMITTEE,  a Standing Committee of the National Crispus Attucks Alumni Association of Indiana, Inc., has executed its mission for the betterment of the school, its students, and faculty. The Committee accomplishes its mission by innumerable actions like:

  • Annually awarding $1000 book awards to one or more eligible graduating seniors.
  • Another action has been providing each graduate a token gift at Commencement.

The Committee does not limit its giving to monetary gestures but has supported the school and students by participating in the Riverside Park Back to School Parade as well as supplying uniforms for the band members marching in the parade.

The Committee in years past has assisted the band or orchestra in purchasing sheet music, uniforms, and instruments. Over the years the Committee has spearheaded the Alumni’s cheering section at the Annual High School Band Competition. Another role of the Committee along with the Alumni has been to serve as tutors in English and math in preparation for the mandatory End of Semester tests and the GQE(Graduation Qualifying Exam).

Hosting the Senior Class Breakfast has been a huge event with the seniors, their parents and the school’s faculty. At the Breakfast the Committee in recent years a Voter Registration was added to register students eighteen years or older to foster their becoming responsible voting members of their community. After the IPS district ceased funding for the cost of the senior class picture adorning the walls of Crispus Attucks, the Committee has seen to it that the Alumni Association assumes the expense for this cherished legacy.

These activities are funded through the generous donations and  contributions from alumni and revenues generated from  various fundraisers.