Alumni In Action

Stanley Warren PHD

Class of 1951
| Educator

Inspired through education, IPS recognizes ’51 Attucks graduate and 2009 IPS Hall of Famer, Dr. Stanley Warren.

The retired dean of academic affairs and professor of education at DePauw University has managed to not only lead through education, but become a successful author accomplishing 4 books including “High Five: African American Institutions That Have Strengthened the Indianapolis Community” and “Crispus Attucks High School: Hail to the Green, Hail to the Gold”.

Living his dream, Warren shares his enlightening values as he continues to inspire and create a legacy through the doors of education.

Early life in Indianapolis …

I grew up on the eastside of Indianapolis – went to school 56, 26 and Crispus Attucks. School was uneventful in my early years, but I remember vividly growing up in a black environment where there was no interaction between blacks and whites. I enjoyed playing football, basketball, baseball and swimming with my neighborhood friends. We spent most of our time after school at Douglas Park.

Your experience at Crispus Attucks H.S. …

I consider attending Attucks to be one of the best times of my life. It was a trouble free time in my life where I developed great friendships and had a lot of success as a student. I had teachers that cared about me, who also encouraged me to be my best. Additionally, sports were one of the activities that helped me stay focused in school. I played on the basketball team during the 1950-51 school year.

Overall, Attucks was where I learned to love education.

Fondest IPS memory as a student …

I received a lot of love from teachers in both grade school and high school. I received a lot of praise that I didn’t have before. I started to think I was a good student; that I was capable. Additionally, being a part of a team seemed to bring something out of me that I didn’t know existed. This kind of love from teachers and playing basketball at school boost my spirits and self-confidence.

My IPS education prepared me for ….

My IPS education has prepared me to enter into a higher level of education with

confidence that I could successful. My desire to attend college didn’t come from home, but from external services like IPS and the military.

Higher Education …

I started out in the military army right after high school and worked on the line for RCA. I soon realized that I wanted more for myself and used my G1 Bill to fund college.

I started at Indiana Central College (which is now the University of Indianapolis). I doubled majored in Economics and Education. I graduated in 1959. I then went to Indiana University for my Masters of Art in Teaching and then Ed.D. in Higher Education in 1973.

My life since graduating …

After college I was awarded a lot of summer grants for student to study at different universities. I went to many universities through the summer ___ including North Western, Williams College, University of St. Louis and Oxford.

Getting into my career, I taught secondary education and African American History at DePauw University for 20 years. I loved being a professor at DePauw. Additionally, I taught at World History at Crispus Attucks for 10 years (1961-1971).

Aside from teaching, I wrote four books – one of which is, “Crispus Attucks High School, Hail to the Green, Hail to the Gold”. The kind of writing I did while I was teaching is different than the writing I’ve done since I’ve retired. Since retirement, most of my writing has been about African Americans and the State of Indiana.

Proudest accomplishments …

Finishing high school was a huge accomplishment for my family. I am also proud of making my mark in the community, establishing a place for myself through my writing has preserved some of the history and accomplishments of the African American community.

Through my educational life, I am proud to stand as a beacon to those who say that African Americans are limited to what they can do.


My mother and father had very low levels of education; both came from the south with basic education. There were three of us children – I was the youngest with an older brother and sister, both of whom are deceased.

Interests/ Hobbies …

I am currently hooked on playing golf though I feel I’m not the best, but I keep trying. Writing is definitely a hobby I enjoy. I also enjoy watching black and white films.

Vision/Dreams …

I have lived beyond my dreams. Overall, I hope to see where everything is on an even level. That if one puts their best effort in then everyone will have the same opportunities with no external circumstances

Final Quote …

“I don’t know where I’m goin’, but I know where I’ve been. I can’t say what life will show me, but I can say what I’ve seen.” Reggae singer Jimmy Cliff