Excerpts from an interview of NCAAA past President Fred Robinson in IPS myips.org published March 1, 2016.

The Attucks Alumni Association started in 1956 with a handful of teachers who had once attended the school. At their prime, the Alumni group had 25 graduate classes between the years of 1936-1960 utilizing their labor force to raise money and offer mentoring for the students of Attucks.

In 1983, the school was nearly closed down, but after heavy protest from the community and tireless advocacy efforts from countless alumni, the school doors remained open ­– from this union, the National Crispus Attucks Alumni Association (NCAAA) was born.

February, 2011 the National Crispus Attucks Alumni Association was certified as a corporation in the State of Indiana.  July 13, 2011 the Official name was changed to National Crispus Attucks Alumni Association of Indiana, Inc.  Later in September, 2014 the IRS approved the NCAAA’s application for nonprofit status under the Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (3).