REMINDER. “The Real Hoosiers” by Jack Mc Callum

Ted Green recently reached out to the NCAAA and Lettermen’s Club to spread the word about a good friend of his who recently wrote a book about Crispus Attucks, Oscar Robertson and basketball in Indiana.  The author is Jack McCallum. Jack will be in Indianapolis on March 21st. This is an opportunity for alumni to meet Jack, ask questions and purchase a book.


Below is Ted’s email asking for our help. 
A good friend of mine and longtime star writer for Sports Illustrated, Jack McCallum, is releasing a new book this month about the Attucks’ basketball teams of the 1950s, wonderfully titled “The Real Hoosiers.” For a launch, Jack, me and Dr. James Madison, the preeminent historian in Indiana (he was the guy in my Attucks doc who said that Attucks was a far more important story than Milan), are having a panel discussion at the Indiana Historical Society on March 21. Lauren Franklin will be there to say a few words, and we’re hoping this can be a really special event.”

Here’s a link with the details:

Attucks event at the Historical Society